Is the human species finished?

Walt Kelly Pogo-the enemy is usGeorge Carlin who says he is only an onlooker to the parade of life. He states:

“Man’s noble aspect is the aberration. Art, music and philosophy are merely poignant examples of what we might have been had not the priests and traders gotten hold of us. I think the human game was over a long time ago when they took over.”

In a few hundred or years [maybe sooner] (a blink of an eye in the course of earth time) humans will kill themselves off or be killed off by the robots, then mother earth will take over again and pretend as if humans never existed.

In his essay, Green Capitalism: The God That Failed, Richard Smith tells us “The results are in: No amount of “green capitalism” will be able to ensure the profound changes we must urgently make to prevent the collapse of civilization from the catastrophic impacts of global warming.”

Some other points from the essay:
“…he Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers would appear to be right and pro-growth, pro-market environmentalists wrong: Under capitalism, growth and jobs are more often than not at odds with environmental protection.”

“…given capitalism, imposing big cuts in greenhouse gas emissions means imposing big job cuts across industrialized economies around the world. That’s why, regardless of protests, no capitalist government on the planet will accept mandatory cuts in GHG emissions.”

Carlin was right.

The Real Newsweek Scandal

Both of the articles mentioned belowThe Real Newsweek Scandal cannot be dismissed as some radical fiction of a weird mind. Their contents are the few snippets of responsible journalism which were to be found in the corporate news world at the time of their publication. I do not know how Fareed Zakaria keeps his job, he does a remarkable tightrope walk and of course, the fact that some of what he writes does not enter the US press may help. Continue reading

Obama won’t Prosecute Bankers

Obama campaign promisesIf you still believe that President Oblame is holding true to his campaign promises,
If you believe he is still trying to make a better America for you all,
If you are still riding a “slippery slope” with him about his seeming lack of willingness or ability to prosecute wrong doing, and,
If you do not feel uneasy about his drone attacks on “suspected” terrorists,
Then please take a look at what Jon Stewart recently says when he “Questions Obama’s Values” in a segment called “Priorities USAContinue reading

Sick, sensationalist shit

A friend sent this message to me. I will not lower myself to share the link to the video with something Glenn Beck is promoting so go find it on your own if you have a strong stomach and a sick mind. The link shows Beck doing what he does best, hyping himself and using disgusting video footage to do it.

You will not believe what you see in this video.This is one of the animals that Obama wants to send arms to in Syria! Even if you have no love for Glen Beck at all, please, you really need to watch this. It is very graphic but a real need to know what our government in D.C. is about to do and that it must not be allowed to happen. These terrorists fighting the Syrian Govt. are truly a sub-human species.Continue reading

Syria, an ideological mess

Syria MapThe Syrian Civil War has the potential to become a regional event attended by the United States and whatever vassal will follow US troops, yet again, into battle.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding and ignorance about why the Syrians are fighting each other and many arguments against the United States getting involved. Continue reading

Snowden the Whistleblower is a Patriot

I get so fucking tired of hearing people shoot their mouths off about Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange or WikiLeaks calling them traitors and that they compromised lives in the field. A recent blog comment is typical: “It’s all Snowdon’s fault. If he had just kept is mouth shut and not committed treason…
Whistleblower directory

(source: The Whistleblower Directory A Wall of Fame)

No, Edward Snowden probably didn’t commit treason By Dylan Matthews – June 12, 2013
Jefferson Davis stole a bunch of states and waged war on the other ones for four years, and even he wasn’t convicted of treason!Continue reading

NSA-Follow the Money

Money in politics-NSA voteOn July 26, 2013, Mr David Kravets wrote an article titled “Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double the Defense Industry Cash.” Which was no great surprise to me. Politicians in the United States are the best that money can buy, and the military-industrial complex has the most money with which to buy them. Continue reading

The Empire Stands Naked

The author of this piece is a prominent American physician who has lived in Istanbul for many years. He sends out a regular email newsletter informing his recipients of events related to the “war on terror,” the mad Obama the Bomber drone attacks, and events that deal with the politics of Turkey and the Middle East in general.

The Naked EmperorSuddenly The “Empire” Stands Naked
Continue reading

Capital Punishment for Bankers?

Banks do money laundering for drug lords and terroristsRana Foroohar, in Rewiring the Banker Brain, says that “A culture shift is still needed to reconnect finance with the real economy.

Foroohar writes “the best minds on Wall Street still spend the majority of their time figuring out new and smarter ways to game the system…finance is still disconnected from the real economy, which is one reason that the regulation battle rages on.
Continue reading

Lack of Hope for Obama the Bomber

Hope? I don't think soI recently read an article in the former Newsweek (now The Daily Beast) called Hope Isn’t Enough: Without Conviction or Destination, Obama Flounders by Stuart Stevens July 19, 2013

If you continue to believe that Obama the Bomber has been a President who has given hope to the United States and that because of his administration the world will be a better place, I encourage you to think again. If you have the lack of hope that I do that he is going to make the world a better place to live in then read on.
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Selective Amnesia on Assassination

Gandhi assassinatedWhen IS the United States of America going to start being the “good guys”?

The good guys are supposed to be like John Wayne, they go out and get the bad guys, bring ’em to court, give ’em a fair trial and THEN hang ’em. The good guys” (yup even John Wayne) do NOT go out and take it upon themselves to murder the bad guys. The “good guys” are for freedom and independence and truth and justice and other silly things like that.
(First published October, 2009)
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A Wanted Man for Rendition

John le CarreJohn le Carré, the novelist and former spy for the UK during the Cold War years has written several books about that era and lately updated them with several more contemporary thrillers. His book The Constant Gardener, written in 2000, warned the reader that both individuals and even their governments should be careful when crossing swords with multinational companies who use governmental bureaucracies like they were a subsidiary of their company.
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I refused to vote for Obama

War on Terror GraffitiA person I know wrote me recently and said “I also don’t see what good it does to refuse to vote or simply sit on the sideline casting stones. How does this help anything?” He went on to say “If you get a chance, go see the movie Lincoln. It’s all about all the convoluted and highly questionable things Lincoln had to go through to get the 13th Amendment through the House of Representatives.”
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Our Children are Watching Us

Nixons Enemies List

“His own worst enemy”

The good Germans of the 1000 Year Reich ended up in a nightmare world where neighbor watched neighbor and children informed on their parents and where everyone was afraid of everyone else. Hannah Arendt called what the Nazis brought to their people, the “banality of evil.”
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Fear and Loathing 2012

Hunter S. ThompsonHunter S. Thompson wrote the definitive book on the rotten business of political campaigning called Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72.

Hunter Thompson burned his bridges by writing what really happens during these political freek shows where some of the most rotten and brutal tactics imaginable are performed all for the entertainment of the press corps and to win the “hearts and minds” of those citizens who believe they are engaging in democratic political action called voting.
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A Scandal in America (Fundamentalists Again?)

Liberty Bombs Newsweek(First published May, 2007)

I recently wrote a letter to a friend in the United States who had previously complained to me about “Muslim Leaders” and fanatics. This was because there was a murder of three people who worked in a Christian publishing house in the east of Turkey. As a result of the comments of my friend and others I get from the USA, I have to conclude that far too many US residents are very ill-informed about events outside the borders of their country. I continue my letter below… Continue reading

Christian Fundamentalism-The Real Danger

NYR(First published April, 2005) I like to read the New York Review of Books (NYR). It is one of the most literate of literary papers or newsprint magazines. If you can’t read above the 12th grade level don’t bother, you could be too stupid to understand or, more likely, too lazy to find a good dictionary and actually read something that makes you think. The NYR publishes monthly articles which hit at the myths, lies, fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) of the politics of both the right and the left in the United States and around the world. Continue reading

Islam and the Ghost of Patton

Patton and the ghost of IslamSome time ago, I was assaulted by the words of a former American SF soldier who poorly paraphrased Gen. George Patton and his rants against Germans. This former GI used Patton to cast negative insults upon Muslims. (“Millions of these s**** are plotting, as we speak, to destroy our country and our way of life any way they can.”) (first published AUGUST 29, 2010)
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VIPeR’s in the grass

TSA VIPRThe United States of America has become a nation infested with VIPeR’s, not those reticulated serpents that so many people fear but instead these VIPeR’s are a two-legged variety of cop whose primary duty seems to be to invade a citizen’s sacred privacy. In some parts of the world that has been going on for a long time, but in the United States, that is never supposed to happen unless you are accused of a crime and arrested. Continue reading

Why can’t we remember the past?

Looking into the pastAfghan-US War 101:
The US military “is redeploying troops to towns and cities to better protect the Afghan population. The decision effectively leaves large stretches of territory to the Taliban, made up of a variety of groups united by an opposition to the international military presence.”

What a mess… Continue reading

Bush lost-the Power Elite Gained

The allusion of choice in AmerikaIn The Atlantic, Ronald Brownstein wrote an article titled “Closing the Book on the Bush Legacy” in which he states: “Thursday’s annual Census Bureau report on income, poverty and access to health care-the Bureau’s principal report card on the well-being of average Americans-closes the books on the economic record of George W. Bush.” Continue reading

Dispel the myth of health care reform

Posted on Sun, Jul. 26, 2009 in the Kansas City Star
“No one said fixing health care in America would be easy.” The problem is enormous in scope and at the same time intensely personal. The nation’s economy, the federal deficit, state budgets and employers’ payrolls are all tied up in the health care system — not to mention Jane Doe’s timetable for retirement and John Doe’s latest blood pressure reading. Continue reading