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Sick, sensationalist shit

A friend sent this message to me. I will not lower myself to share the link to the video with something Glenn Beck is promoting so go find it on your own if you have a strong stomach and a sick mind. The link shows Beck doing what he does best, hyping himself and using disgusting video footage to do it.

You will not believe what you see in this video.This is one of the animals that Obama wants to send arms to in Syria! Even if you have no love for Glen Beck at all, please, you really need to watch this. It is very graphic but a real need to know what our government in D.C. is about to do and that it must not be allowed to happen. These terrorists fighting the Syrian Govt. are truly a sub-human species.Continue reading

Syria, an ideological mess

Syria MapThe Syrian Civil War has the potential to become a regional event attended by the United States and whatever vassal will follow US troops, yet again, into battle.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding and ignorance about why the Syrians are fighting each other and many arguments against the United States getting involved. Continue reading

Selective Amnesia on Assassination

Gandhi assassinatedWhen IS the United States of America going to start being the “good guys”?

The good guys are supposed to be like John Wayne, they go out and get the bad guys, bring ’em to court, give ’em a fair trial and THEN hang ’em. The good guys” (yup even John Wayne) do NOT go out and take it upon themselves to murder the bad guys. The “good guys” are for freedom and independence and truth and justice and other silly things like that.
(First published October, 2009)
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A Wanted Man for Rendition

John le CarreJohn le Carré, the novelist and former spy for the UK during the Cold War years has written several books about that era and lately updated them with several more contemporary thrillers. His book The Constant Gardener, written in 2000, warned the reader that both individuals and even their governments should be careful when crossing swords with multinational companies who use governmental bureaucracies like they were a subsidiary of their company.
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Why can’t we remember the past?

Looking into the pastAfghan-US War 101:
The US military “is redeploying troops to towns and cities to better protect the Afghan population. The decision effectively leaves large stretches of territory to the Taliban, made up of a variety of groups united by an opposition to the international military presence.”

What a mess… Continue reading

A Letter from Iraq

Today I was reading the New York Review of Books (NYR), a publication which demands that the reader actually read something well and then causes that reader to think about it, so unlike the “mass media.” Anyway, I digress; the NYR article I was reading is called “What About the Iraqis?” and starts with the following:

“Sometimes there is nothing more gripping than the mundane. Consider “Baghdad Burning,” the on-line diary of a young Baghdad woman who goes by the pseudonym of Riverbend.”

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Iraq War Longer than WWII

Stars and Stripes – Mideast edition, Saturday, November 25, 2006
On Sunday, war in Iraq will match length of U.S. involvement in World War II:
The war in Iraq will reach another milestone this weekend, when it equals the number of days the U.S. was involved in World War II. Sunday (November 26, 2006) will mark the Iraq war’s 1,347th day the same amount of time American troops fought in World War II. But from there, the similarities are largely over.
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Inaugural Soup for the Cold

It is raining and cold. 8 C (46.4 F). on the usually sunny Teke Peninsula of the southernmost coast of Turkey. We live among the ghosts of the ancient Lycians who inhabited this region over 2500 years ago. The sun came out for a couple of hours and now the sky is starting to cloud over again. We live beside the Mediterranean and the people who have long lived here have an attitude to match. Theirs is a rather laid back, casual and “take things as they come” perspective which can fool the casual observer into believing they are just plain lazy. Continue reading