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A Scandal in America (Fundamentalists Again?)

Liberty Bombs Newsweek(First published May, 2007)

I recently wrote a letter to a friend in the United States who had previously complained to me about “Muslim Leaders” and fanatics. This was because there was a murder of three people who worked in a Christian publishing house in the east of Turkey. As a result of the comments of my friend and others I get from the USA, I have to conclude that far too many US residents are very ill-informed about events outside the borders of their country. I continue my letter below… Continue reading

Christian Fundamentalism-The Real Danger

NYR(First published April, 2005) I like to read the New York Review of Books (NYR). It is one of the most literate of literary papers or newsprint magazines. If you can’t read above the 12th grade level don’t bother, you could be too stupid to understand or, more likely, too lazy to find a good dictionary and actually read something that makes you think. The NYR publishes monthly articles which hit at the myths, lies, fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) of the politics of both the right and the left in the United States and around the world. Continue reading

Republican Fundamentalists are Killing Free Speech

Well the Bush guys are at it again. While they are busy killing Iraqis by the thousands and US soldiers by the hundreds in the name of “freedom and democracy” they are killing free speech and dissent back in the good ol’ USA.

On this 4th of July, Independence Day, the day the US declared its freedom from England, the day when the brew, the bible, the gun, and a gross expenditure of fireworks prevails, all of us should take a moment to reflect just how revolutionary the thoughts of the founders of the country really were. And we should all agonize over Bush and his regime using the Declaration of Independence to wipe their asses. Continue reading