Dark Heart of the American Dream

BP Burning Oil Rig

BP Burning Oil Rig

Sunday June 16, 2002 – The Observer
“It’s the most polluted state in the planet’s most powerful country. Ed Vulliamy goes into George Bush’s backyard to reveal how big oil got in bed with big politics and the price paid by the little people”

The Houston Ship Channel, Dark Heart of the American Dream,“…is an epicentre of power, oil capital of the Western world and the most industrialised corner of the United States….It is also the capital of a power machine perfected in Texas, elevated to rule the nation and now unchallenged across the planet.”

I found this article recently and although it is 8 years old it certainly talks to us today in light of the BT oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We have been warned for a long time that such a disaster was going to happen, but the pundits pooed it and said no way! Well, kiss my ass pundits, it happened, when are you all going to wake up?

As this Newsweek photo article tells us “Since the Deepwater Horizon rig sank into the Gulf of Mexico on April 22, more than 200,000 gallons of oil a day have been pouring into the sea from the well it was drilling…At a Capitol Hill hearing on May 25, members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee vowed to hold BP ‘fully accountable’ for the disaster.”

I will not hold my breath until the United States of America holds BP responsible for this spill. Why should we believe the people who brought us this disaster in the first place? But, more importantly, WE are to blame. Those of us who do not get off our asses and refuse to use oil based products anymore. Whoops! What’s that you say? That includes almost anything inside of a typical American home, the clothes you wear, certainly your footwear and of course the SUV, sports car, muscle car or whatever gasoline powered machine you drive.

There are many alternatives out there to power our homes in a green and clean way; photo-voltaic cells, hot water heating from the sun, fuel cells, wind and geothermal energy production. Why don’t we demand a crash program to get us off the tit of big oil? Because we are lazy, complacent, we are afraid, or just too tired after a hard day at the office and an hour or more of fighting traffic to get to our nice homes in the suburbs.

Sorry folks, but we have gotten the government we deserve: Of the people, by the politicians, for the oil companies and their Saudi buddies. Yup, all those pesky Arabs over there, former nomadic tribesmen, sitting on top of millions of barrels of black gold are your best friends, even though they are Muslim fanatics, financing, with American petro-dollars, terror networks around the world. I wish America well, I left it and do not plan to return.

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