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Obama the Bomber kill listAs a citizen of the Unites States, you should no longer support Obama if you believe in a just peace and the US Constitution. The best reason for not supporting Obama is a “one issue” situation. The military and its wars is THE issue, all the others pale in comparison.

Military spending has made citizens of the United States poorer, but it has enriched the arms merchants; the so-called military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned the nation about; it is here and it is in control. The US spends over 711 billion dollars annually for its military, this is over 41% of the world share. This does not include veterans benefits which are over 140 billion dollars annually. This spending is more than the next 12 or more countries combined (depending upon data used)!
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Too Much Power for a President

In an editorial of May 30, 2012, the NY Times states there is Too Much Power for a President.
“It is too easy to say that this is a natural power of a commander-in-chief. The United States cannot be in a perpetual war on terror that allows lethal force against anyone, anywhere, for any perceived threat. That power is too great, and too easily abused, as those who lived through the George W. Bush administration will remember.”

(Obama the Bomber) and “…the Defense Department is currently killing suspects in Yemen without knowing their names, using criteria that have never been made public. The administration is counting all military-age males killed by drone fire as combatants without knowing that for certain, assuming they are up to no good if they are in the area. That has allowed Mr. Brennan to claim an extraordinarily low civilian death rate that smells more of expediency than morality.”

Obama the Bomber and Bush the War CriminalThe United States has lost the moral authority it gained by its heroic and total commitment in WWII. Ever since then it has become obsessed with world hegemony and once the Soviet Union “fell” it became the undisputed World Power and has flexed its muscle in ways not inclined to win “hearts and minds.” No President, not even Bush, admitted to extra-judicial execution of Americans.

The war in Iraq was simply wrong and the pretexts for it were a Bush and Cheney fabrication. That alone should have compelled Obama to order the troops home and let the Iraqis get on with what they do best, sectarian fighting…

Fall of Afghanistan?The pretext for invading Afghanistan was to get bin Laden, billions of dollars and many lives later, they finally did–in Pakistan.

If the Afghan war is admitted by the current regime to be wrong and that all troops are to be withdrawn, what is taking so long? Whether they leave now or a decade from now, little, if anything, is going to change; wait and observe. If the USA learned nothing else from the War in Vietnam, it should have learned that such wars are not winnable. The horrific and inexcusable behaviour of the CIA and US Troops in the final days of the fall of Saigon should have been a lesson seared into the memories of US citizens.Fall of Saigon

I have not seen, nor will I ever see Obama or any president say he will “go to Tehran” to end that conflict. The United States created the problems there with the CIA coup and overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953, and by putting the Shah’s terrorist secret police in charge created the anger which flowed out when the Iranians got their revenge by overtaking the American embassy in 1979. Obama is having too much fun with his video drones; wait and observe.

Obama is commander-in-chief, he could simply order the troops home. This will never happen, the profits of war are too large to allow a peace-time economy to happen; wait and observe.

Obama the Bomber War on Terror CabinetIf the “war on terror” cannot be won, why does the government insist the US government should continue to fight it? The “war on terror,” the “war on drugs,” and other such unwinnable “wars” are the means to control of the “hearts and minds” of US citizens, it is impossible to figure out where are the “front lines” at the moment and who is the “enemy.” We will just have to wait and observe.

Terror, Afghanistan, Iraq, anywhere in the Middle East, Iran, all of these are lost causes until and unless the United States stops its belligerent actions and truly tries to create a peaceful world.

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