I refused to vote for Obama

War on Terror GraffitiA person I know wrote me recently and said “I also don’t see what good it does to refuse to vote or simply sit on the sideline casting stones. How does this help anything?” He went on to say “If you get a chance, go see the movie Lincoln. It’s all about all the convoluted and highly questionable things Lincoln had to go through to get the 13th Amendment through the House of Representatives.”

My reply to his voting comment was to say I am not certain of the good it does, but I will not be an accomplice to “the lesser of two evils.” The lesser is still evil. I am not sure you read the articles I sent you carefully enough. (see below) As one of the authors wrote; the United States was “successfully provoked by Osama bin Laden into abandoning our values.” Read what follows that phrase carefully. I do not see how any reasonable person can support any item on that list.

You Can Vote For Anyone You Like. As Long As It’s The Duopoly by Barry Eisler

Due or Die: Attorney General Eric Holder explains why it’s perfectly legal to execute an American citizen without trial in a time of war.(video)

Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama by  Conor Friedersdorf  The Atlantic

War on Terror PosterI went on to say “Your president lost his moral authority when he admitted to political murder and even more so when he did it to those citizens who were under the protection of the Constitution. He deprives those he murders of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” without allowing them the right to defend themselves in a public forum.”

Lincoln and Stevens possessed great moral authority and used what tools they had to bring about ending slavery, a greater good in the midst of a terrible and evil war. As long as one person is not free, none of us is free. I do not believe they would have paid heed to a call to support such a “lesser of two evils” they were made of sterner stuff.

The moral authority of the President, the nation and the words of the Constitution, some of the greatest words ever written, is all that ever made the United States great. In the last 6 decades, that has been squandered, bought and sold to the arms merchants, fear mongers and religious Fundamentalists. Even Jon Stewart “Lost It” Over the Senate’s Misguided Drone Criticism in which they were upset because the “kill list” was leaked to the media. They were not concerned about the “kill list” itself. And, I believe, there are far too many US citizens who believe the same way.

Some of us are not just sitting on the sideline and “casting stones.” Some of those “stones” could be writing a blog damning a corrupt, wrong, or evil policy. I do that on occasion either through emails to people I care about or on this blog. Through those words I try to share what I have learned and even to provoke such as you so that I may try to better understand my own self through such defense.

The Internet is the last free environment in which “everyman” can say his piece and it is, with all its dangers for abuse, a stronghold of freedom as long as there are hackers still around who believe in those freedoms. My vote makes little and probably no difference in the bought-and-sold arena of today’s billion dollar campaigns and PAC’s. But a well-written word, may, just may, influence thousands, even millions.

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