Sick, sensationalist shit

A friend sent this message to me. I will not lower myself to share the link to the video with something Glenn Beck is promoting so go find it on your own if you have a strong stomach and a sick mind. The link shows Beck doing what he does best, hyping himself and using disgusting video footage to do it.

You will not believe what you see in this video.This is one of the animals that Obama wants to send arms to in Syria! Even if you have no love for Glen Beck at all, please, you really need to watch this. It is very graphic but a real need to know what our government in D.C. is about to do and that it must not be allowed to happen. These terrorists fighting the Syrian Govt. are truly a sub-human species.
My Reply to my friend:
Not intervening in Syria is about the only thing I would ever consent to agree on with Glenn Beck and his Fox not-News collaborators and their sick, sensationalist shit. I hate those loud-mouth, bottom-feeding, blow-dry fuckers, they stick in my craw like a catfish bone.

I do not lower the status of non-human animals by comparing them to sick, fucking, humans. Animals are innocent creatures, they only kill to eat and not many of them at that. They do not torture, rape, burn, and otherwise attempt to destroy their own and other species with their religious and nationalist or imperialist bullshit. Animals continue to show love and affection to humans in spite of the fact that we butcher, eat, and torture them. So animal to me is a good word, but a sick, warmongering human is a bad word.

Beck is a sensationalist asshole, just like Rush (bloated) Limbaugh, I would like to see the two of them and the blow-dried mouthpieces of not-Fox news go to Syria, pick a side, and then take bets with my veteran friends to see how long they survive.

The video is a bullshit, over-the-top item, it may be true, who the fuck knows except maybe Beck and I would not believe him if I was in a burning house and he cried “fire.” If it is true, we have no idea which side the dead guy was on nor the killer.

That kind of sick shit gets people stirred up and they go berserk, especially Americans who do enough berserking without people like Beck and Fox goading them on. How do we know it was not some Hollywood B movie, edited to look like it was low quality? Why is he showing this shit? If Beck and his fucking weenie sidekicks cannot make a good argument without showing this garbage, then how are they believable except to some imbecile, trailer-trash, Confederate flag-waving asshole living in the Ozarks or the Montana mountains?

It makes no difference which side we support, we should not be supporting either of them. There are “nasty’s” on both sides of the Syrian Civil War just as there were in the US Civil War. Sherman is still hated by low-class Southern whites and Quantrill was a blood-thirsty outlaw who used the Confederate flag to continue his bandido ways.

If your President and your bought-and-paid-for Congress were worth a shit, they would have done originally what it seems they may try to do now. They should try to get Assad to remove his poison gas stores under inspection, attempt to broker a peace and keep our troops home. You do know of course, that the United States of America keeps poison gas stores, do you not? Why is the US allowed to keep poison gas, nukes and other weapons of mass destruction and no one else? Since when is the United States so very responsible, evidence to the contrary, that they can be trusted? Why can’t everyone have their own war “toys”? Rather, why should anyone have war “toys”? Arrrgh, I get so sick of this shit.

There is NOTHING glamorous or saintly about insurgents, guerrillas, and “regular” army troops in any war, anywhere. There is nothing special about Muslims nor Christians nor Jews in a fire-fight or in the aftermath what with their indiscriminate rape, pillage, and plunder. There are no “good guys” in a fucking war these days.

Sorry my friend, but you are the victim of a severe brain-dropping, now I have a headache.

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