The Empire Stands Naked

The author of this piece is a prominent American physician who has lived in Istanbul for many years. He sends out a regular email newsletter informing his recipients of events related to the “war on terror,” the mad Obama the Bomber drone attacks, and events that deal with the politics of Turkey and the Middle East in general.

The Naked EmperorSuddenly The “Empire” Stands Naked

The thoughts presented here take deep reflections on our part to understand better when society needs to take responsibility for and direct control of our Government’s actions. We should not forget that in the end we, the people, are the government!

Ed Snowdon with one swift maneuver stripped naked the “all Powerful Empire”. Now it is desperately grasping for anything to cover its embarrassingly exposed parts.

The shocking revelation is that now we see that the “Empire’s” brain trust (i.e. the snoopy security industry) is designed not to protect the American public but to guarantee the perpetuation of power, and that means the “Empire’s” power.

For the “Empire” Ed Snowdon’s case is over, he committed a crime and needs to be punished. No need to look further into the moral issues even when we clearly see the Empire’s actions were solely to protect the Empire, not the people. We have been led to the assumption that the Empire protects us so we don’t really need to know the details. If we know them we might like to raise our voice and protest! But so far we have naively accepted that the “Empire” knows best so let it handle our future.

Who owns Obama?As we continue to interchange these many names for the “Empire” do we really understand what it and what all its other names stand for? Who are they? What are they? Do they really exist? What are their goals? How do they get their power? Are they individuals? Are they a movement? Are they a religious or ethnic clan? Are they a lobby? We hear about “the All-powerful”, “the Superpowers’ Power”, “those at the Pinnacle of Command”, “the Fourth State” and in Turkey “the Deep State” or “the Government behind the Government” and that might be the closest to a true description.

A whistle-blower has opened the door a bit more so let’s look inside. Because they have exposed the other side of this smug façade of power the whistlers have become “security risks” according to the “Empire” so they must be smothered.

Snowdon and other whistle blowers have demonstrated the fragility of the “Empire” just by exposing it. Its response to these revelations was only reflexive. “They are traitors.” “They are bad people.” “They must go to prison.” “They are bad for the security of the public.” But the “Empire” really means that they are bad for the security of the “Empire”.

We cannot forgive or forget the Cheneys, Bushes, Rumsfelds, Haliburtons, Blackwaters, Guantanamos and their “Empire” which led us down the road to start a war that killed over one million Iraqi people based on lies which the “Empire” knew well and did its best to cover up.

The idea that the “Empire’s” security is our security is the key link that lets the “Empire” hold power over us, the people. It is time that link is broken to free us to be honest with ourselves and others.

We have been led down a bloody inhumane “Empire first” road by accepting that link. It has led to slavery, incarceration, shock and awe, nuclear dissemination, Abu Ghabi torture, secret renditions, targeted assassinations, drones and to using banned WMD, etc.

This agenda of the now naked “Empire” has been going on for too long. Finally we are able to see what it really is so hopefully we will be stirred up enough to break this link. Many thanks to those among us who stood up and told the truth!

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